Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pumpkin Bread

Yesterday I got a wild hair and went thru my entire house and started cleaning. I got so much accomplished. I even recovered one of my yard sale chairs I found a couple of weeks ago. While taking a short break, I ran across this printable at it is what it is...(the hubs uses that phrase all the time;o)).
Then, I went over to Just Deanna, and I found her recipe for pumpkin bread. I had a plan:o)
The hubs picked up the ingredients I didn't have on hand on his way home from work...such a good hubby:o)
And I got to baking. I wanted to make some bread for E's teachers. I used my mini bundt pan b/c I thought they looked like little pumpkins.
While the bread was supposed to be cooling, little sneaky hands found their way over to the counter top.
(Singing) One of these is not like the other....
The work of a two year old:o)
I added the Hershey bars in the center to look like stems. I wish that I had some mint leaves on hand. I think that would have added to the pumpkin look.
I put the "pumpkins" in goody bags and added the tag.
I printed out the recipe and attached it the back of the tags.
By the way, this bread is DELICIOUS!! Thanks Deanna for sharing your recipe!!
Have a Fabulous Fall Wednesday!

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