Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween! Looks like ours will get rained out, but I have a back up plan;o)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Business October 22 2013: The BARTy Hard Edition

It’s back! BART is back in action! And we have a government again, such as it is!! So much to celebrate. Get on a train (wait for one with the new seat covers) and join us for this week’s Business. 

We’ve got some dandy guests. 

Southern bred, but Brooklyn based, the musical comedy duo Reformed Whores have been busy serenading the country with songs about everything from venereal diseases to drunk dialing with sweet harmonies and old-timey wit. Fronted by Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame, these Southern belles are "sweet, they’re adorable and they have an eye for the hilarious. Oh, and they have mouths like sailors — very funny, astute sailors." - Nashville Scene

Casey Ley is a San Francisco-based comedian. He hears this a lot: “Hey, you’re that funny gay comic, aren’t you?” He hopes that, soon, people will recognize him as just a funny black comic. Casey’s been featured in festivals like SXSW, Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, OR and the Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin, TX. He is the host and creator of the popular San Francisco show “This Feels Wrong” and a weekly comedy game show called “Mayhem Trivia.” His comedy has appeared on NPR and he was voted the Bay Area’s best comic by readers of SF Weekly in 2012.

Ivan Hernandez was born in New Jersey in the eighties and was mostly bored until starting comedy in his late teens. His style is marked mostly by self-deprecation, dryness, and yelling. Favorite topics include comic books, food, women, and any intersections of the three.

Samson Koletkar is world's only Indian Jewish standup comedian. He has performed his cerebral, witty, thought-provoking, clean humor in India, Canada & U.S. and has been featured on NBC, CBS & NPR.

Plus your regulars! ‘Caltrain” Gill and Bucky “MUNIster”.



The Business October 16th, 2013: The Waking Joey Devine Edition

Joey Devine will win the lottery for your hearts. He is a bestie of The Business, and it is a pleasure to have him as this week’s guest host. Also, after he dies we plan on scheming to keep his fortune. 

Also joining us is the No. 1 Dawg of The Business, Kevin O’Shea!

And miracle wunderkind David Gborie, a Knight of Shining Light and Good Vibes.

Plus, Ben Feldman who is so smart you’ll be all “DAAAAAAMN EVEN HIS ASS IS SMART”.

And Billy Wayne Davis, one tall glass of sweet tea!

And a bite right out of the Big Apple, Erin Lennox!

Plus your regulars, “Sean Jean” Keane and “Cee-to” Green

ONLY $5!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Sell Out!! Get your tix in advance.

BYOBurrito even if that means you orphaned a taco YOU MONSTER.

The Business October 9th 2013: Fistful of Guests Edition

This week The Business brings you a fistful of guests, one for every finger on your hand. It's a veritable high-five of comedy, slapped across your funny bone, but a collection that wraps themselves together to dap your mind, like a lift driver or a suburban teenager trying too hard. It's actually a baker's fivesome, as a secret special guest will be stopping by to lend a hand as well. Here's the index of guests: 

Barbara "Babs" Gray is from Salt Lake City, but currently resides in LA, where she is all over the alt comedy scene. She's done SF Sketchfest and the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and appeared on the Holy Fuck live album. Ms. Gray also co-hosts the live talk show and podcast, Lady To Lady, at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. She also produced One Two Punch, a live standup show that took place in her own living room. She has strong opinions about Howard Eisley.

Erin Lampart is another LA visitor, originally from the East Coast. She's a standup comic and improviser, and part of the LA edition of Mortified. Ms. Lampart can be found tweeting at @ThatsSoLampy, and potential followers, rest assured - it's pretty damn lampy.

Jules Posner has appeared at SF Sketchfest and recently did the S.H.I.T.S. and Giggles Festival in Humboldt. He's an SF native, a baseball enthusiast who once had a tryout with the Cincinnati Reds, and he's an accomplished riffer. Time Out New York once awarded him Joke of the week:
Jules is one of our favorites, and his Lulu score is quite respectable.

Gabe Morales is also an SF native, but is currently based out of NYC. He's an actor, standup, improviser, and writer, and speaks English, Spanish, AND Portuguese, so heckling by Brazilians will NOT be tolerated this week.

Dhaya Lakshminarayanan is a standup comic, but also an accomplished storyteller and TV host. She's made multiple appearances on NPR's "Snap Judgment," and hosted "High School Quiz Show," an award-winning show on PBS. She's also done Bridgetown and SF Sketchfest, and this year, she was the Grand Prize winner in Comedy Central Asia’s “Ultimate Comedy Challenge.” She will take you down in a trivia quiz OR in Ultimate Comedy, and that is a promise!

Also featuring Bucky "Knuckles" Sinister, Nato "Talk To The Hand" Green, and Sean "Pinky Swear" Keane. 8 PM, five bucks, bring-your-own-burrito - if you can handle it.

The Business October 2nd 2013: The Business, American Style Edition. Featuring Jack Boulware

The Business is gettin literary with it, bringing one of SF’s finest wordsmiths to our stage.

Jack Boulware is the author of Sex, American Style and San Francisco Bizarro. His freelance writing has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, Playboy, Maxim, Salon, and San Francisco Chronicle, among others. For ten years he was a columnist and features writer for SF Weekly. He is co-founder of San Francisco’s annual Litquake literary festival.

We are also pleased to welcome a good friend of The Business and recent birthday boy, Trevor Hill!

San Francisco-based comedian Trevor Hill is the co-creator and host of the critically acclaimed, topic-based comedy show Hand to Mouth. He has performed at SF Sketchfest, the Great American Comedy Festival, countless clubs throughout the United States and England, and has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and Washington Post. Trevor has been described as inventive, candid, engrossing and infertile.

These two beautiful brains will be on display along with your Business regulars, “Nato of Green Gables”, “Fifty Shades of Sean Keane”,” The Bucky Sinister Code” and “Caitlin Hunger Gills”.

Just $5! Get your tickets in advance cause we SELL OUT.


The Business Spetember 25th 2013: The Land Before Time (Still Starts at 8pm) Edition

This week is gonna be big. Big like a tyrannosaur that orphans a brontosaurus.

This week’s Littlefoot, Land Smith!

Comedy powerhouse Land Smith brings his rapid-fire, politically-charged act to always-receptive audiences across the Bay Area. He also co-produces the weekly variety show "Talkies" at Lost Weekend Video.

From a place where the lizards still qualify as dinosaurs, Alice Fraser!

Alice Fraser is an Australian comedian, emerging from the Cambridge Footlights sketch groups, she has a unique voice developed across three continents. She writes for satirical news show A Rational Fear (Radio National), and hosts Fbi Radio's Tracksuits.

From the fossil-filled hills of the Bay, Justin Alan!

Justin Alan had been cracking up audiences for a few years now with his extremely dirty subject matter presented in surprisingly clean metaphors. Justin has been hustling hard from LA to NY to SF, sharing stages with greats like Bobby Lee and Neil Brennan. He also has a bow tie tattooed on his neck.

Continuing the residency of Imaginary Radio, we have DJ REAL!

Nick Stargu is DJ REAL, a San Francisco-based alternative musical comedy act. Performing all original songs, complete with costume changes, bad dance moves, and interactive multimedia, DJ REAL’s live act has been likened to the Talking Heads, The Residents, and Steve Martin. With a wide range of influences, DJ REAL’s songs vary from hip-hop, to folk, to the bizarre.

Plus your regular regulars, Bucky “Mountain that Burns” Sinister, Sean “Sharptooth” Keane and the return of Caitlin “Longneck” Gill!!

Still just $5!! Still 8pm!!

Get your tickets online cause WE SELL OUT.

The Business September 18th 2013: Not What it Kaseems Edition

It's another Wednesday. It's another week of the best comedy on the east side of Mission Street. 

This week The Business welcomes the hilarious Kaseem Bentley! The SF Weekly declared that Kaseem does the “Best Racial Humor You Don't Feel Guilty Laughing At.” Who doesn't want to see that? Put your guilt to the test, and also let Kaseem show you how a grown man dresses.

We continue the residency of the Imaginary Radio Program, made of music-comedy power duo Drennon Davis and DJ Real, nee Nick Stargu. Drennon is flush from destroying his adversaries in the preliminary round of the San Francisco Comedy Competition. He joins us as a safe harbor in the storm, before he marches to victory in the semifinals next week.

Jesse McGrath is a comedian, writer, and SF State alum. He's one of the hottest comedians on the scene, both in terms of career momentum and unstoppable personal charisma. He's also a co-host of Breaking Bad podcast "The Rooftop Pizza Chronicles," and he has spectacular taste in jackets.

Business regulars Sean “Guy Fawkes” Keane, Bucky “Dude Fawkes” Sinister, and Nato “Bro Fawkes” Green batten the hatches.

Always 8pm. Always $5. Always BYOBurrito. Or BYOTorta.

The Business September 11th 2013: Boys Are Back In Town Edition

This week, The Business welcomes some wild-eyed boys that have been away from SF. They haven't changed, they got a lot to say, but man, I think these cats are great.

Business favorite Scott Capurro is around. On TV, stage, or screen, that's where he's found. His shockingly funny, provocative brand of comedy now calls London home, but this week, he's in the Mission, driving all the old men crazy.

You know that guy who used to joke a lot? Every night he'd be on the stage showing what he'd got? That was Dave Thomason, who visits us from Southern California. He's performed all around the nation, from Sketchfest to the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and his stand-up has been featured on NPR's "Snap Judgment." When I tell you his comedy's cool, it is red hot. I mean, he is steaming.

Remember that time over at Joey's place? Well, this time Joey Devine is coming back to our place. He's a great friend of The Business who currently runs the hottest comedy showcase in Oakland, "Move Along, Nothing To See Here: A Comedy Show" at the Night Light. Joey was also the host and creator of the live talk show, "Joey Devine: After Dark," and he's also performed at Sketchfest. If that chick don't want to know about Joey, forget her.

Wednesday night, they'll be dressed to kill, along with Bucky, Nato, and Sean. The wit will flow and yuks will spill. 8 PM, Dark Room, 2263 Mission Street. And remember, if the boys want to fight, you better let 'em.