Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pottery Barn's Hadley Ruched Duvet Knock Off

I hope that you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.  S.R. has a sinus infection right now, so things have been a little off kilter around here.
I still haven't been able to use my chalk paint yet, but I am really looking forward to it:o)
 I did get the chance to finish a project that I have been working on.
A couple of weeks ago the Pottery Barn catalog came in the mail. I always get excited when those things come because they have so many beautiful things in them. 
When I saw the Hadley Ruched Duvet Cover, I wanted it....badly. Isn't it beautiful?
Photo Credit: Pottery Barn
I really wanted it for MY bed, but the hubs and the color white aren't on good terms, so I knew that having it in our room was a no-go:o/ The guest room needs a makeover, so I decided to put it there.
I knew that this was something that I could make. Pottery Barn sells this duvet cover for $179.00. That's just the cover...if you don't have a duvet, then there is another added cost. So after studying the picture for a few days, I figured it out, and I was able to make mine for $75...that's INCLUDING the purchase of a duvet($24.99 King Size at Target):o)
Here's mine:
Want to know how I did it?
Here's what you need:
3 King size Flat sheets(this is for a queen bed)-$15 each at Walmart
4 or 5 packs of 1" wide Twill tape- around a $1 each...I think...(you could also use bias tape here)
White thread

To begin.....
Wash and dry all 3 sheets.  
Cut the tops of the sheets off.
See picture:

Take 2 sheets and stitch cut ends together. Press open seam. 

This next part was a tad tricky for me in the beginning. I thought I would try to measure everything out to figure where I needed to have the long baste stitch lines, but it proved to be more of a hassle, sooooo

I folded the sheet in quarters lengthwise(in half, then halvsies again) and stretched it down the hallway to make sure that everything was folded correctly and smoothly. 
Press down all of the edges with a HOT iron using your steam. These lines will be your guide for your stitch lines.
Head to your machine, and use a basting stitch the entire length of the sheet. You will do this 5 times. 3 for the interior lines and 1 vertical line on either side of the outer edges.
You will be covered in fabric:o)
Once all of your lines have been sewn, you will need to start gathering. Find the little string on the end and start pulling. This takes FO-EVUH because you have to be careful not to break the string.
Lay it across the 3rd sheet and make all edges match up with the bottom sheet. You want to try to keep all of the gathers even.

Get your twill tape out and start pinning it across your stitch lines. Make sure to get your pins fairly close so that the gathers will not loosen when you pick up the top.
Stitch the twill tape down one side and them the other side.
Lay your finished top back on the 3rd sheet face down. Pin around the perimeter.

Make sure to leave a gap so that you will be able to insert your duvet later.
Stitch the perimeter.
Turn right side out and insert duvet. Fold in edges of opening, pin, and stitch.
Then you are done:o)

Pottery Barn's version has button holes for easy removal, but since this bed will not be used a lot, I am not worried about removing the duvet.

This project is fairly simple, but can be daunting with the amount of fabric you have to deal with.
I would say this project is for intermediate to advanced sewers.

So what do you think?

Is it a keeper?
It's totally girly:o)
It just needs some really cute pillows to match....thinking those will be purchased;o)

So again here's the comparison.


And Pottery Barn's

I think it's a keeper;o) And it saved me a whopping $129(not including the purchase of the duvet)!

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