Thursday, February 11, 2010

Butterfly Birthday

S.R. is going to be 2 years old in just a few short weeks. I have already been collecting stuff for the big bash. I decided to do a butterfly theme, just real reason, other than I thought it would be sweet:o) I started making tissue paper pom poms today thanks to sweet Martha's help(and thanks to Deanna for pointing me in the right direction). I dreaded making them, but they were very simple. I have also cut out DOZENS of butterflies to use as decorations. I am going for a very whimsical look, and can't wait. I will definitely post the pics. Here is just a smidgen of what's to come:o)
The pom poms are in the background, and as you can see, there is all sorts of favors, decorations, and fun stuff. I haven't spent over $1 on anything accept the Elefun game(butterfly catching game) and it was $13.88 at Walmart.  Hubs is very proud, since I went completely over board with E's carnival party last year:o) Anyway, besides playing Elefun, there will be a Butterfly Salon where little girls get their hair done with butterfly hair bows(off which I intend to make), get their wings and a tutu skirt. Little boys will have their hair done funky and get bug wings, cape style(that I will also have to make).  I got some wooden butterfly cut-outs at the Dollar Tree that they will decorate and make into magnets. They also get to make necklaces, butterflies for girls, bugs for boys. I am so glad that my baby was almost a spring baby and that retailers always put out seasonal stuff 6 months before the actual season:o) Butterflies are very popular this year and I keep scoring every time I go out.