Monday, February 22, 2010

Small Buffet Redo

All I have to say is THANK YOU Krylon Cherry Red! I truly had forgotten how much fun it was to spray paint furniture. Back in the day, that was my method of could I forget how much fun it was?!?! Anyway, my inspiration came from All Things Thrifty, a blog on how to re-purpose shabby furniture and make it fabulous. Thanks to Brooke for pointing me in the right direction!! 
I had a serious color issue (or should I say the lack there of?) in a corner of my living room. Too many wood tones...wooden chairs, wooden buffet, wooden floors, and wood toned accessories...So Very Blah! It has been driving me CRAZY for weeks, but I didn't know what to do until I saw the hutch on A.T.T. Here's the before...

A close up

Even closer..YIKES! Can you tell how old this thing is:o)
  My mother gave me this piece a few years ago. She was going to trash it just because the thing is falling apart(as you can very well see). I saved it from being disposed of, and didn't do a thing to it because I always dreamed of taking it to the Antiques Roadshow and them offering me a million bucks for it. After many years of watching that show, I finally realized that they would probably laugh in my face and tell me that I should have let my mother throw it in the first dumpster she came to:o) 
I am so glad that I became brave enough to paint this. It looks so much better!

You can see the details so much better now that it's in a brighter color

She needed a little BLANG-BLANG, so I busted out the Gold paint

I always feel good about a project when I get an, "Oh, Wow!" from the hubs, and there isn't a bit of sarcasm in his voice..haha! There are still some accessorization issues. But these will do for now...

Be on the look out for an upcoming give-away. More details to follow soon!