Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Menu Board Update

My menu board is the most "pinned" item on my blog.
I have had several people ask questions about dimensions, paint colors, wood type, and even if I would make another one to sell. I have gotten comments and emails of which I never responded to, and I am SORRY! I am such a loser when it comes to following up. Sad, I know.
So anyway, I decided to do a quick post for all of you out there who were wanting to know how this thing was constructed.

The dimensions of: 

This menu board:
The chalkboard squares:
The large vinyl letters:
The small vinyl letters:

 Here is a shot of the back of the board. You can see that the frame is made from 
1x2's and it's a 1/4" thick plywood board.
And that's it...
 I think I covered all of the questions that have been asked as of lately. If you have anymore questions about this menu board, you may not get a quick response...just warning you;o)
Another thing I wanted to show you...
I wanted to share how we are able to stick with our Bible verse memorization.
I made this chalkboard out of a yard sale mirror. I taped the edges and sprayed a few coats of chalkboard paint on it. Easy-peasy.
It's in the living room, so it's constantly catching my eye...reminding me that I need to say it with the kids.
It's a fantastic tool.
I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday...keep me in your prayers...I have been experiencing a tremendous amount of pain in my neck...no it's not the hubs or the kids;o)
It's real pain, and there is a possibility of a bulging disc...I go to the doc tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some answers.
So there won't be a whole lot of crafting going on around here, not for a bit, at least.