Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Business September 11th 2013: Boys Are Back In Town Edition

This week, The Business welcomes some wild-eyed boys that have been away from SF. They haven't changed, they got a lot to say, but man, I think these cats are great.

Business favorite Scott Capurro is around. On TV, stage, or screen, that's where he's found. His shockingly funny, provocative brand of comedy now calls London home, but this week, he's in the Mission, driving all the old men crazy.

You know that guy who used to joke a lot? Every night he'd be on the stage showing what he'd got? That was Dave Thomason, who visits us from Southern California. He's performed all around the nation, from Sketchfest to the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and his stand-up has been featured on NPR's "Snap Judgment." When I tell you his comedy's cool, it is red hot. I mean, he is steaming.

Remember that time over at Joey's place? Well, this time Joey Devine is coming back to our place. He's a great friend of The Business who currently runs the hottest comedy showcase in Oakland, "Move Along, Nothing To See Here: A Comedy Show" at the Night Light. Joey was also the host and creator of the live talk show, "Joey Devine: After Dark," and he's also performed at Sketchfest. If that chick don't want to know about Joey, forget her.

Wednesday night, they'll be dressed to kill, along with Bucky, Nato, and Sean. The wit will flow and yuks will spill. 8 PM, Dark Room, 2263 Mission Street. And remember, if the boys want to fight, you better let 'em.