Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Business September 18th 2013: Not What it Kaseems Edition

It's another Wednesday. It's another week of the best comedy on the east side of Mission Street. 

This week The Business welcomes the hilarious Kaseem Bentley! The SF Weekly declared that Kaseem does the “Best Racial Humor You Don't Feel Guilty Laughing At.” Who doesn't want to see that? Put your guilt to the test, and also let Kaseem show you how a grown man dresses.

We continue the residency of the Imaginary Radio Program, made of music-comedy power duo Drennon Davis and DJ Real, nee Nick Stargu. Drennon is flush from destroying his adversaries in the preliminary round of the San Francisco Comedy Competition. He joins us as a safe harbor in the storm, before he marches to victory in the semifinals next week.

Jesse McGrath is a comedian, writer, and SF State alum. He's one of the hottest comedians on the scene, both in terms of career momentum and unstoppable personal charisma. He's also a co-host of Breaking Bad podcast "The Rooftop Pizza Chronicles," and he has spectacular taste in jackets.

Business regulars Sean “Guy Fawkes” Keane, Bucky “Dude Fawkes” Sinister, and Nato “Bro Fawkes” Green batten the hatches.

Always 8pm. Always $5. Always BYOBurrito. Or BYOTorta.