Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Business Spetember 25th 2013: The Land Before Time (Still Starts at 8pm) Edition

This week is gonna be big. Big like a tyrannosaur that orphans a brontosaurus.

This week’s Littlefoot, Land Smith!

Comedy powerhouse Land Smith brings his rapid-fire, politically-charged act to always-receptive audiences across the Bay Area. He also co-produces the weekly variety show "Talkies" at Lost Weekend Video.

From a place where the lizards still qualify as dinosaurs, Alice Fraser!

Alice Fraser is an Australian comedian, emerging from the Cambridge Footlights sketch groups, she has a unique voice developed across three continents. She writes for satirical news show A Rational Fear (Radio National), and hosts Fbi Radio's Tracksuits.

From the fossil-filled hills of the Bay, Justin Alan!

Justin Alan had been cracking up audiences for a few years now with his extremely dirty subject matter presented in surprisingly clean metaphors. Justin has been hustling hard from LA to NY to SF, sharing stages with greats like Bobby Lee and Neil Brennan. He also has a bow tie tattooed on his neck.

Continuing the residency of Imaginary Radio, we have DJ REAL!

Nick Stargu is DJ REAL, a San Francisco-based alternative musical comedy act. Performing all original songs, complete with costume changes, bad dance moves, and interactive multimedia, DJ REAL’s live act has been likened to the Talking Heads, The Residents, and Steve Martin. With a wide range of influences, DJ REAL’s songs vary from hip-hop, to folk, to the bizarre.

Plus your regular regulars, Bucky “Mountain that Burns” Sinister, Sean “Sharptooth” Keane and the return of Caitlin “Longneck” Gill!!

Still just $5!! Still 8pm!!

Get your tickets online cause WE SELL OUT.