Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Business October 16th, 2013: The Waking Joey Devine Edition

Joey Devine will win the lottery for your hearts. He is a bestie of The Business, and it is a pleasure to have him as this week’s guest host. Also, after he dies we plan on scheming to keep his fortune. 

Also joining us is the No. 1 Dawg of The Business, Kevin O’Shea!

And miracle wunderkind David Gborie, a Knight of Shining Light and Good Vibes.

Plus, Ben Feldman who is so smart you’ll be all “DAAAAAAMN EVEN HIS ASS IS SMART”.

And Billy Wayne Davis, one tall glass of sweet tea!

And a bite right out of the Big Apple, Erin Lennox!

Plus your regulars, “Sean Jean” Keane and “Cee-to” Green

ONLY $5!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Sell Out!! Get your tix in advance.

BYOBurrito even if that means you orphaned a taco YOU MONSTER.