Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Damask Drawer Set

Ok, can I just say..WOW! I honestly am surprised that I made it thru to the 3rd round of this competition! Once again, I slid in by the skin of my teeth:o) 6th place. I'm still in it, and hoping to bring my A game this next round...a.k.a. Baby Round, cuz apparently my B game has been kickin'.:o)
So here is what this drawer set looked like when I bought it. $2 from a yard sale. Yes, $2 and the cob webs, greasy hand print, and mouse poop were free:o)
Believe it or not, my original intention for this was to be some sort of a game table. That was until I decided to go with my Ballard Inspired Nesting Tables.
 I applied 2 quick coats of Krylon Ocean Breeze spray paint, and when I say quick I mean quick...there was cold precip just outside my garage door:o)
My sweet hubby added the trim on the sides and on the fronts of the drawers. I don't know what I would do without him:o)
 Next in line was to cover the drawer fronts with scrapbook paper
( Just so you know, I stink at decoupage. )
I cut the paper to size and applied Mod Podge.  
 After I got the glue down, I used a credit card to smooth out all of the bubbles.
 Once all the paper was in place and had dried, I added the top coat of Mod Podge. While that was drying, I decided to dirty it up a bit with my antiquing glaze from Valspar. 
( The wooden appliqué was purchased from Hobby Lobby. The flower was separate from the scrolly pieces) 

 And here is the end result. It now resides in my craft room. It is perfect for holding my patterns and it makes my craft room a little prettier:o)
Come back tomorrow and I will share the shirt I made for S.R. 
Happy Wednesday!